• Faceal Oleo HD

    Faceal Oleo HD is an oil, water and stain repellent and an ecological protector with a 10 year warranty for all porous surfaces.

    Faceal Oleo HD is an ecological product (OECD standards) in an aqueous phase, which permanently protects the porous surfaces of your properties against graffiti, water and oil infiltrations.

    This product protects against aqueous (water penetration), oily and fat-based dirt, thanks to its ultra-modern technology (nanometer range). Faceal Oleo HD can overcome the main causes of the degradation and the ageing of your properties because it facilitates the cleaning and  elimination of chewing gum, ice (in winter) and algae.

    Protect your properties by treating them against the harmful effects of water and oil!

    Faceal Oleo HD can be impregnated in all vertical surfaces (building facades, walls, etc.), inclined surfaces, but especially in horizontal surfaces (floors, stairs, etc.). It does not change any aspect of the materials, is non-yellowing, is UV resistant and does not alter the water vapor diffusion properties of the treated surface and is invisible.





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  • Faceal Hydro RF

    Faceal Hydro RF is a protective treatment for modern/new concrete structures against water, chlorides, carbonation and corrosion of reinforcement. 


    Faceal Hydro RF is a ready-to-use product, with colorless impregnation, designed to provide in-depth protection of concrete structures and all new materials of mineral origin against:

    • Water
    • Moisture
    • Chlorides
    • Carbonation
    • Corrosion

    This treatment meant for architects AND commercial use, is an exceptional water-repellent product because it helps to effectively prevent the water penetration and thus, eliminate the harmful effects due to humidity as the formation of moss and lichen and upwelling of blooms.


    Its penetrating power allows it to protect the support and reinforced concrete structures up to 5 cm thick while allowing the material to "breathe". It is also very effective on micro-cracks up to 0.3 mm and stops the alkali-silica or alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete and building materials.

    Faceal Hydro RF can also be used to regulate the absorption of the material before the application of protection products or possibly painting.

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  • Faceal 2C AGP-1

    Faceal 2C AGP-1 is a two-component sustainable anti-graffiti protection product. Ecological and applicable on wood, painted substrates, timber, steel, plastic and all non-porous materials used in the building industry. 

    Where to apply the Faceal 2C AGP-1?

    Faceal 2C AGP-1, like all other products in the FACEAL line, is an economical and more durable protector (as a sealer) than any other products on the market.

    It permanently protects few porous surfaces as wood and all non-porous materials such as metal, and in general, all materials, against graffiti, tags of all types (spray paints, markers, etc.) as well as aqueous or oily dirt.

    It can also be applied on already painted surfaces, synthetic surfaces, plastics, tile, ESR, CSR and more. This two-component protector can be applied both inside and outside, whether on new work or work in restoration. You can purchase the matt or gloss versions of this product.

    Advantages of the Faceal 2C

    Faceal 2C AGP-1 is biodegradable at 90% and cost-effective. It resists dozens of cleaning to using our "AR" cleaners. The product does not need to be reapplied after the graffiti removal. 

    See at the bottom of this page the pros of the use of this sealer. We invite you also to follow our BLOG to know more about our green products!

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  • Faceal Hydro CP

    Faceal Hydro CP is the preventive and curative treatment of old concrete, like civil engineering structures, against water, chlorides, carbonation and reinforcement corrosion. 


    Faceal Hydro CP is a organo-functional and ready-to-use product, specially designed to reduce corrosion of the existing concrete reinforcement (according to EN 1504 - Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures). 

    This treatment, for architects AND commercial use, is an exceptional water-repellent product because it helps to effectively prevent the water penetration and thus, eliminates the harmful effects due to humidity as the formation of moss and lichen and upwelling of blooms.    


    Faceal Hydro CP has a curative property:  It stops existing corrosion of reinforced concrete structures (maximum corrosion rate of 5 microns/cm²).  It is the ideal treatment to protect all types of structures such as bridges, piers, parking, architectural concrete, etc.  Over the years, it can significantly reduce repairs done to building materials and structures.
    Faceal Hydro HP has a preventive property:  The metal reinforcements, in contact with humidity and chlorides (de-icing salts) oxidize, resulting in expansion that cracks the concrete and weakens the mechanical strength of the material components

    Unlike corrosion inhibitors on the market, Faceal Hydro CP penetrates very deeply into concrete, up to 6 cm thick, and thus blocks humidity and chlorides.  It is also very effective on micro-cracks up to 0.3 mm.

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  • PSS 20

    The PSS 20 is a more than 95% biodegradable cleaner and protector used for graffiti removal on all porous and smooth surfaces (frescoes, brick, concrete block, stone, plaster, stucco, statues, etc.).



    The PSS 20 is a product for preventive maintenance and protection of smooth and porous surfaces, more than 95% biodegradable.

    It is used against graffiti and pollution due to the weather. This protective film, much more effective than commercial sealers, forms an invisible layer and lets the materials "breathe" naturally. Nanoparticles, called plant polysaccharides, form this protective layer, called sacrificial, (for more information on this technology, read our BLOG) protects surfaces from damaging dirt.

    The film PSS 20 can be removed from the surface with hot water, carrying with it all the dirt (therefore, the product does not bind together with the materials) such as spray paint, algae, dust, traces of mechanical stress, oil stains, etc. Another layer is immediately reapplied on the surface, so that they are always clean and protected.


    The PSS 20 is suitable to be used by architects, designers, building contractors, policy makers, traders and even private owners. An experienced Eco-Graffiti technician must apply the product for safety and compliance.

    The PSS 20 is worldwide certified and gives Quebec’s society a respectful environmental protection and economic development of our heritage like: historical monuments, art, frescoes, statues, churches and even residential buildings and public transport.




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  • GPA 300

    The Graffiti Proofer is a significant technological development and the is the most advanced anti-graffiti technology on the market today by far. It delivers true non-stick and permanent protection. It is also the first time an anti-graffiti coating has been aerosolized.   The GPA-300 is clear, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and non-stick coating.  The Graffiti Proofer does not allow anything to stick to it period, including paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers and adhesives.







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