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Eco-graffiti offers free seminars to present its ecological products from a to z!

You are curious about Eco–Graffiti's products because you have the environment and sustainable development at heart?

The use of products offered by Éco-Graffiti seems complex to you? You may hesitate to use these products because you would like to see visible examples of the effectiveness of its cleaning and protection powers on all surfaces? You have just bought Éco-Graffiti's products and you still have questions about its usability?

Then Eco-Graffiti information seminars are for you!

Facilitated by the owner, Mr. Sébastien Tremblay himself, these seminars are intended to be brief and concise courses on everything related to Éco-Graffiti's products.

You will learn in a few points what our products are made with, their benefits to the environment and also the guarantees and advantages of using these products at home or at work!

You will also see how easy it is to apply the product and on what surfaces you can spray it. No stress! You will also be able differentiate the products and water pressure required for cleaning. You will also learn about the quantity of coating and number of coats to be applied (depending on substrate) and usage depending on the season and temperature.

All your questions about the products and our company will find answers. We thought of everything to suit your anti-graffiti needs!

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Based on a proven expertise, we aim to offer professional cleaning and maintenance services of various surfaces by using the latest technology with regard to environmental considerations, and the best, most ecofriendly products.