PSS 20

PSS20 is a biodegradable protector used at more than 95% as an anti-graffitis on all porous and smooth surfaces such as brick, cement blocks, stone, rough cast, stucco, statues, etc.

The PSS 20 film is open for water vapour diffusion, is normally indiscernible to the eye and is completely reversible using hot water.

PSS 20 is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

PSS 20 has been comprehensively tested by well-known institutes.

PSS 20 is particularly suitable for natural stone, artificial stone, concrete as well as non-porous surfaces.

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PSS 20 pros

Our impregnations Faceal Oleo and PSS 20 are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001. The manufacturer of our graffiti removers is a TRANS-Q certified company.


  • can be removed without residues
  • is made from plants


  • is solvent free
  • is biodegradable


  • is weatherproof
  • is UV resistant


  • is chemically inactive.








Additionnal information

  • RAL-GZ 841/2 certified graffiti protection system. The removal of the graffiti takes place using hot water and the amount of pressure suitable for the surface.
  • PSS 20 is recommended and/or used by the Historical Heritage authorities in many European countries; more than 7 million square metres of building surfaces in Europe have been protected with PSS 20 in the meantime (1990-2008) - see 'References'.     
  • The website explains why polysaccharides from plants are ideally suited for the production of water based sacrificial types of coatings.


 Ecological, few hours to dry, odorless and does not stain.


La fabrication de nos imprégnations Faceal Oleo et du PSS 20 se fera selon les normes EN ISO 9001. Le fabricant de nos produits curatifs est certifié TRANS-Q.







Certification RAL - Produits

Nos produits dans le domaine de la protection contre les graffitis et l'élimination ou l'enlèvement des graffitis présentent une garantie de qualité selon RAL-GZ 841/2 et RAL-GZ 841/1. Fabrication des produits selon EN ISO 9001

Certification RAL - Entreprises

Les entreprises PSS Interservice AG et PSS Interservice GmbH sont des entreprises certifiées RAL en ce qui concerne la protection contre les graffitis et l'enlèvement des graffitis.

Produits listés BAST

Les systèmes de protection antigraffitis PSS 20 (système de couche sacrificielle) et Faceal Oleo HD (système permanent) sont mentionnés dans la liste des systèmes antigraffitis contrôlés par le BAST, Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (Allemagne).

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