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Eco-Graffiti provides cutting edge products, required for graffiti removal and for high-quality, ecofriendly protection of porous and smooth surfaces.

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The Graffiti Proofer is a significant technological development and the is the most advanced anti-graffiti technology on the market today by far. It delivers true non-stick and permanent protection. It is also the first time an anti-graffiti coating has been aerosolized.   The GPA-300 is clear, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and non-stick coating.  The Graffiti Proofer does not allow anything to stick to it period, including paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers and adhesives.








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The PSS 20 is a more than 95% biodegradable cleaner and protector used for graffiti removal on all porous and smooth surfaces (frescoes, brick, concrete block, stone, plaster, stucco, statues, etc.).



The PSS 20 is a product for preventive maintenance and protection of smooth and porous surfaces, more than 95% biodegradable.

It is used against graffiti and pollution due to the weather. This protective film, much more effective than commercial sealers, forms an invisible layer and lets the materials "breathe" naturally. Nanoparticles, called plant polysaccharides, form this protective layer, called sacrificial, (for more information on this technology, read our BLOG) protects surfaces from damaging dirt.

The film PSS 20 can be removed from the surface with hot water, carrying with it all the dirt (therefore, the product does not bind together with the materials) such as spray paint, algae, dust, traces of mechanical stress, oil stains, etc. Another layer is immediately reapplied on the surface, so that they are always clean and protected.


The PSS 20 is suitable to be used by architects, designers, building contractors, policy makers, traders and even private owners. An experienced Eco-Graffiti technician must apply the product for safety and compliance.

The PSS 20 is worldwide certified and gives Quebec’s society a respectful environmental protection and economic development of our heritage like: historical monuments, art, frescoes, statues, churches and even residential buildings and public transport.




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